Kitchen Sink Mixer Taps


Daxima Silhouet Mixer (Gold)
Available in Gold, Matt Black, Steel Matt and Chrome

From L to R:
Damixa Arc, Damixa Slate, Damixa Rowan, Damixa Rowan Pro


M&Z Pull #1 Parioll Sink Mixer
Available in Chrome or Black


Kludi Bingo Star Pull Out Sink Mixer


From L to R:
Rubine 2444 mixer, Rubine 3344 mixer, Rubine 2443 mixer, Rubine 7046 mixer

From L to R: Rubine 6042 mixer, Rubine 9049 mixer, Rubine 3942 mixer, Rubine 9044 mixer

From L to R:
Rubine 3949 mixer, Rubine 7047 mixer, Rubine 9144 Black mixer, Rubine 9144 Chrome mixer


Nobel WN-931 Bronze Mixer

From L to R:
Nobel N1004 mixer, Nobel VS-5109 mixer

From L to R:
Nobel VS-4021SS Stainless Steel Matt mixer, Nobel VS 5101 mixer


From L to R:
Pozzi LS920 mixer, Pozzi P7000 mixer, Pozzi L920 mixer


From L to R:
T8000-A Stainless Steel Matt mixer, T8000-A Chrome mixer

From L to R:
TS8000 Stainless Steel Matt mixer, T8000-B mixer

From L to R:
Arino T9388 mixer, Arino T6448 mixer, Arino T6488-SS Stainless Steel Matt mixer

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